About Us

Let Chrysalid Tech & Print help you make sense of technology. Its IT experts can show you how to make your existing technology work better for you or set you up with a brand new system and all of the software and accessories to go with it. Chrysalid Tech & Print also provides computer repairs, servicing and maintenance, software, virus removal and virtually any other kind of support you need to keep your system working optimally. Its techs can even come to you, saving you time and hassle. In addition to professional IT services and computer sales, you can bring all of your printing needs to Chrysalid Tech & Print, from business cards to custom forms, design work, brochures and magazines, photocopying, faxing, binding, and anything else you need in printed media. They also carry a full line of office products, including art supplies, electronics, and office furniture, visit their website or contact them for a copy of their latest catalogue.

Meet Amber Hipkiss

Amber Hipkiss was an IT specialist who was freelancing and working out of her basement. Her passion for information technology and computers quickly garnered her a reputation among locals, both business owners and private individuals. Besides doing consulting work, Amber also worked hands on with computers, doing repairs, maintenance and programming. She is grateful for the opportunity to provide a much-needed service in Mackenzie, filling a large void in the local market. She is quick to give credit to her very capable and supportive staff who work so hard for the business and go out of their way to serve their customers.
Amber has lived in Mackenzie for most of her life, so to have been able to build a successful business in her beloved hometown has been rewarding for her. Amber gives back by serving on several local boards and she is even a member of the town council. She works hard at the business, so when she does get some time away, she likes to play hard. She's an outdoors fan and that's where you'll often find her when she isn't at the shop. She especially enjoys hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and snowshoeing.