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Phone Cases

More than 31 million Canadians own a smartphone. Wow, eh? We all rely on phone cases to protect our most indispensable device. These phone cases contribute to our world’s plastic pollution, ending up in landfills coast-to-coast at an unthinkable rate, in fact:

    The average length of smartphone ownership in Canada is 26 months

    An average consumer uses 2-3 different cases in that device’s lifetime of 26 months

    That means over 35 million phone cases are used in a year, with no disposal solution – until now

    You may think when you drop your phone case in the blue bin that it will be recycled – it will not. Recycling depots do not process phone cases, sustainably made or otherwise. Although future-forward mobile accessory brands including LifeProof, Gear4, Mellow and Pela are already producing sustainably made phone cases to satisfy green-friendly shoppers, without the Phone Case Recovery Program, they are all destined for landfill. It is Eco-Train’s goal to educate business and consumers about the severity of the global plastic pollution crisis, while offering a sustainable solution. Here’s how it works:

Eco-Train, in collaboration with mobile accessory distributors and retailers across Canada – including Chrysalid tech & Print in Mackenzie! – has created a network of retail collection points that is expanding daily. Consumers are encouraged to bring their obsolete, out-of-date phone cases, all materials welcome except those containing batteries or made of metal, to their participating local retailer for recycling. For more about the program here:

Bring your used phone cases to Chrysalid Tech & Print for recycling today!